Peace and prosperity, thank you for taking the time to see what all the excitement is about! We’ve spent the last 7 years formulating the best natural handmade plant based toothpaste and deodorant on the market! We guarantee you will not find a higher quality handmade product anywhere! Click here to get started!!

pH Prime Gold membership

pH Prime Gold membership

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when you become a prime gold member, you will get exclusive access to 50% off all products and free shipping on all  products.

you will also receive monthly autoship of 2 of our top selling products included in your membership 

you will recieve an email or text(please make sure to list both when making your profile) with the private access link to begin shopping!, make sure to add link to your home screen on your phone or your computer for easy future access

products that will be auto shipped on the 1st of every month!

1 Chloroflush pre brush soak 

1 synergy peppermint toothpaste 

1 balance post brush rinse

This membership will be a recurring monthly payment of $45 until you cancel